About the Annual Scholarship Fund

It is All about

What does the Annual Scholarship Fund represent to Anderson University? Bottom line, it is all about scholarship money for our students. Every dollar you give goes directly to a deserving student on our campus.


  • Anderson University invests over $9,000,000 annually for student financial support. This accounts for more than 25% of the University’s operational budget.
  • 33% our students are first generation college students.
  • 76% of students have demonstrated financial need.

To meet our scholarship and financial aid commitments, Anderson needs the support of alumni at every level. Your gift will make a difference in helping Anderson University provide an outstanding education for her students.

Matching Gifts

Many employers will match contributions made by their employees to educational organizations. Contact your employer’s human resource department for information about its matching gift program and to obtain the proper forms. Matching gifts may double the value of your Trojan Club contribution.